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La Grosse Radio / Reggae / Artistes reggae / Marshall Neeko
Marshall Neeko
Artiste REGGAE / Reggae / 6 titres / 955 vues
Various - Worries & Trouble Riddim (2014) Feat : Yami Bolo, Niyorah, Avaran
Various - Earth A Run Red Riddim (2014) Feat : Little Kirk, Carl Meeks, Pad Anthony, D'Nations, Sammy Gold
Various - Worries & Trouble Riddim (2014) Feat : Yami Bolo, Niyorah, Avaran
Exco Levi - Place Called Earth EP (2015)
Various - Late Night Blues Riddim (2015) Feat : King Mas, Avaran
Various - Don't Stop Riddim (2015) Feat : Yami Bolo, Informative History Man
Various - Idlers Corner Meets Russ Disciples (2015) Feat : Yami Bolo, Little Kirk, Avaran, Ras Attitude
Isha Bel - Locks Grow EP (2015)
D'Nations - Hardcore Reggae (Showcase Album) 2015
Various - King Kong Riddim (2016) Feat : Isiah mentor, George Palmer, Tenor Youthman, Kojo Neatness, D'Nations
Various - Hard Hustling Riddim (2016) Feat : George Palmer, Tenor Youthman, I-Maa-Ra
Various - Roots Rock Reggae Riddim (2016) Feat : Isha Bel, Kojo Neatness, Fitzie Niceness
Various - Chatty Chatty Mouth Riddim (2016) Feat : George Palmer, Lisa Dainjah, Isiah Mentor, Tenor Youthman, D'Nations, Ishmel Iki, Ras Xtr3me
Various - Rumours Riddim (2017) Feat : Fitzie Niceness, Blackout JA, Isha Bel, George Palmer, D'Nations, Mikey Melody, Tenor Youthman, Carl Meeks
Various - Idlers Corner records Vol.1 (2017) Feat : Exco Levi, Yami Bolo, King Mas, I-Maa-Ra, Kojo Neatness, Murray Man, Lisa Dainjah, Ishmel Iki, Fitzie Niceness, Blackout JA, Isha Bel, George Palmer, Tenor Youthman, Carl Meeks.
Danny Coxson Feat Blackout JA - Sound Bwoy Life (2017) Brand new single coming out June 12th 2017 on Idlers Corner Records.
Taken from the fourthcoming album compilation "Sound Fi Dead", to be released summer fall 2017.

Production : Label Indépendant
Label : Idlers Corner Records
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