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10rogue - Love hate
11 votes depuis le Vendredi 6 Janvier 2017 à 09h16
10Rogue is a Belgian/South-African alternative Metal band grown out
of the musical friendship of seasoned songwriters Jon Buckley(1) and
Vincent Weynen(2) who did share a history together in South Africa.
In the summer of 2014 they asked bass-player Stan Verfaillie(3) to join
them to write more songs and form a band, later on in the autumn of
2014 , 10Rogue was completed by singer Peter Evrard(4).
From that moment on 10Rogue began forging their own blend of metal-
rock, fused by heavy riffs, deep grooves and melodic vocals with
clear references to the 80’s.
In March 2015 10Rogue team up with the Indy-label EMP
(1) Born in Birmingham, England, Jon started his career as a professional musician in Pretoria in 1991.
He won numerous awards at the well-known Loerie Awards, Cannes Film Festival and New York Awards.
(2) Vince started out as guitarist for the South African metal band Osiris who shocked Pretoria with their notorious concert in
the Music Conservatoire in 1986.
(3) In the early eighties Stan was the bass player for the band The House Jivers, one of the most famous blues bands in
Belgium and house band at the Banana Peel Jazz club. He’s mostly know as a member of White Heat.
(4) Peter fronted several bands: Disobedient, Soultaker, Uncle Meat/Toner.
In 2003 he won the 1st edition Of Idols in Belgium and even ranked third on World Idol.
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