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Expect Anything
Artiste METAL / Screamo/post-hardcore / 1 titre / 1563 vues
EXPECT ANYTHING is a French band formed in August 2007 by Sam, Alex, Nico, J-C and Aurelien. Combining catchy melodies and violent musical elements, EXPECT ANYTHING draws its influences from the screamo/post hardcore stage of bands such as Underoath, Architects, Our last night and Oceana. The band recorded its first EP "Behind the Sky” in July 2008 at FHStudio with Simon Muller. EXPECT ANYTHING has shared the stage with bands such as Doyle, Kipling, 80Blast, Soixante, My Only Scenery, Celeste, Tess, A Thousand Leaves, Antillectual (NL), and Where everything Is (ITA). After numerous gigs to promote their debut EP, the band returned to record its new single "We Are Alive" which was mastered by Chris Edrich (X-Vision). A video was produced for this single with PP Production and they are working on their first full length LP.
Production : N.C.
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02/08/2009 à 22h52 by expectanything - 503 vues
Mais ou sont ils ? Salut à tous, Expect Anything se cache dans sa cave en ce moment afin de vous préparer un album qui sera mémorable. Stay tuned.... www.myspace.com/expectanything
05/06/2009 à 10h34 by expectanything - 514 vues
Interview + Morceau sur le sampler Rock One Expect Anything sera ce mois ci (juin 09) présent pour la 3éme fois dans Rock One pour une interview. De plus le morceau "We are Alive" sera sur le sampler. Foncez chez votre marchand de journaux.
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magmamatte - le Vendredi 5 Juin 2009, à 12h33
"We are alive": waouh!! ça dépote!!
 musique métal
creustybatt - le Mardi 23 Juin 2009, à 11h23
hum !!! du bon !!
 webzine metal
Cacaw0 - le Mercredi 24 Juin 2009, à 14h41
Carrément les meilleurs!
 musique métal
chocroute - le Jeudi 25 Juin 2009, à 15h00
c'est la win ! 0o !
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We Are Alive
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