GHBA are a mixture of Xs and Ys.
GHBA's members fled from various bands at different times in history, and can therefore be called exes.
The Xs in GHBA outnumber the Ys. Wonder why ?
It took less than 7 working days to put GHBA together.
Some say they appeared live at the Court of Camelot in the guise of ridiculously shod minstrels talking bullshit in broken medieval English.
Others think The Bard from Stratford Upon A. had GHBA in mind when he wrote : 'If Mufic be the Food of Love, Play On'.
Anyway -
GHBA are currently alive and kicking, should you wonder.
They all live in Paris, although they were born in different places at different times over a few years' span.
Some people in GHBA are relatives.
GHBA does mean something infuckingdeed because here, at GHBA, we pride ourselves upon not using acronyms in vain. And we mean business.

Titres joués sur La Grosse Radio

Silent Vows - Titre diffusé 87 fois depuis le 12/09/2006
Highanddry - Titre diffusé 159 fois depuis le 17/08/2006
You Could Have It All - Titre diffusé 9 fois depuis le 29/02/2008
Choke On The Gloss - Titre diffusé 9 fois depuis le 27/10/2006
Rock and PayRoll - Titre diffusé 2 fois depuis le 13/10/2008
High And Dry - Titre diffusé 18 fois depuis le 29/02/2008
Gimme A Shag - Titre diffusé 11 fois depuis le 29/02/2008
Lemme Try - Titre diffusé 97 fois depuis le 05/11/2007