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Review of "Like The Sun"
Dimanche 11 Juin 2017 à 18h39, by Jon_tessier , vu 79 fois
Read full review here: http://www.adequacy.net/2017/04/jon-tessier-like-sun/

Tessier combines rock, pop, and electronics on his stirring debut single “Like The Sun.”  The engaging track opens with his hushed but light vocals supported by a wavering guitar line cycle and slowly ticking percussion.  An emphatic drum beat kicks in and keeps time while burning guitar distortion sweeps by, lifting the number up to the sky.

Tessier gently sings the optimistic lyrics, “You gave me hope / When I was losing faith,” while subdued organ and acoustic guitar are included in the rich mix.  Like the sun, Tessier has a bright musical future ahead of him.

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