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Linton Garvey
Artiste REGGAE / Reggae / 8 titres / 2445 vues
Linton Garvey est un artiste camerounais résidant à Paris.
Il est auteur/compositeur, chanteur/guitariste et producteur.
Découvrez son nouvel album reggae "In Peace" sur Soundcloud et sur sa page Facebook Linton Garvey the hairy philosopher official ...

The story starts in the beginning of the 1960s where at the age of five
I was often late for school because I was bent on listening to Vivaldi’s fascinating Four Seasons on the radio.
A few years later, in the seventies, my elder brother owned a record store where I really had a front seat when it came to listening to these years of musical proliferation. My passion was unleashed.
I started playing the guitar with some of the young people who were hanging out in the area. It’s rather amusing to remember that there were
a dozen of us sharing the same guitar so we had to be extremely  patient
if we wanted to play.
In the beginning of the eighties, a friend and I started a band playing reggae covers. Incidentally we scoured all the clubs in Douala in Cameroun. Wherever music was to be played, we were there. Consequently we met a music sponsor who convinced us to come to France in 1987 to record an album. The adventure came to an abrubt halt with the closing down of the  CARRERE music company which had intended to distribute our record.
1994 marked the beginning of «In Peace», a crossover album which took a long time to come about due to the difficulty of conciliating three music arrangers on the same album.
2002 Return to stage performances (New Morning, Elysée Montmartre,,,)
2007 Becoming the producer for the «Danjo Prod» record label,
I composed an album  for Moon Dickinson, a New Zealand artist,  entitled «Eternally Yours» which is due for release shortly.
2015 Back in the saddle with a reggae album, «It’s Our Duty», notably about to be released with «Danjo Prod»,
2019 Release of «In Peace» revisited.
So the release of «It's Our Duty» is postponed,,,
Production : Label Indépendant
Label : Danjo Prod
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Here comes the man we've chosen
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24/08/2019 à 10h35 by Linton garvey the h.p - 221 vues
Salut à tous, Linton Garvey est de retour avec un nouvel album Reggae "IN Peace". Découvrez le sur Soundcloud et rendez-vous sur sa page Facebook "Linton Garvey the hairy philosopher official pour toutes les news. Peace !
Label : Danjo Prod
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