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Warside - Omaha
5 votes depuis le Dimanche 14 Avril 2019 à 14h33
We could tell you their names, but would it really matter? Is it of any importance to know that they are French, from a town where you could drown yourself in absinth and blood from brawls?

Who gives a shit? All that matters is who they look up to: Trailblazers, that want it, right there and right now, who welcome followers and destroy naysayers. What’s the common denominator among those, that resonates with them? The deep fire that rages inside for the real stuff, real people, real music, and real commitment.

This rage to simply not quit, and yearn for more, always.
This primitive urge to fight, scream, shout, destroy and survive. They believe that everyone has those feelings inside bottled up by society. And what they want to do is show you this side of yours. This brutal, unforgiving side that you have, they call it Warside.
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