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Alex Hofmann quitte Fallujah
Une page se tourne pour Fallujah : dans un message publié le 14 juillet sur sa page Facebook, Alex Hofmann annonce son départ de la formation de death technique californienne.

Le chanteur de 26 ans avait fondé le groupe en 2007 avec ses amis du lycée, dont le guitariste Scott Cartairs, qui restera désormais le seul musicien du line up original.

Alex explique avoir pris sa décision pour des raisons personnelles et complexes, mais quitte en bons termes le groupe qui "a eu la plus grande influence sur sa vie et ce qu'il est" aujourd'hui. On reste aux aguets concernant ses futurs projets et son successeur...

Alex Hofmann on stage

Communiqué original :

"To my friends and fans,
After lengthy consideration and some serious self reflection, I must finally announce that I have chosen to end my time with Fallujah.

The last ten years have been so much more wild, diverse, and rewarding than I ever could have imagined when Scott and I first jammed as freshman in high school.
The reasons for my departure are both complicated and difficult to summarize; but one thing I know now is that in order to begin a new chapter in life, you must inevitably close the previous one. This band and the experiences we've had have been more influential on who I am as a person than any other single endeavor I've invested my time and effort into.

Fallujah is currently on a nonstop skyward trajectory and my departure will not compromise this in the slightest. I love my band mates to death and I will still be involved in a certain respect after my replacement is solidifed. I have to also take the time to thank our manager and mentor EJ Johantgen, our A&R Monte Conner and everyone else at Nuclear Blast, Our agents JJ Cassiere & Marco Walzel, Karim at Indiemerch & Florian at Impericon, as well as all the others who've ever worked with me behind the scenes keeping this band going.

Thank you to our fans for 10 years of wild nights, stage dives, bloody noses, circle pits and hangovers. To my friends in the touring world, I'm not going anywhere, you will all see me around still. My last show with the band will be Bay Area Death Fest in San Francisco, and I cannot think of a better way to go out!

Thank you all so much. Here's to the next chapter."
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