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[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 17/04/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 167 vues
Playlist du 17 Avril 2021 NICK WATERHOUSE "Vincentine" FRIEDBERG "Yeah" SORRY "Cigarette packet" SINEAD O BRIEN "Kid stuff" IDLES "Peace signs" KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD "Rattlesnake" (Live Melbourne 21) CLAMM "Repress" NOIR DESIR "En route pour la joie" (Live Paris 1991) CHUBBY & THE GANG "Lightning don't strike twice" THE BUTTSHAKERS "Back in America" TWIN SHADOW "Johnny and Johnnie" NICK HAKIM & ROY NATHANSON "Cry and ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 10/04/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 479 vues
Playlist du 10 Avril 2021 CIVIC "Radiant eye" BABY STRANGE "I want to believe" NOIR DESIR "What I need" (Live Paris 1991) LOUIS JUCKER & COILGUNS "Seagazer" E.R. JURKEN "Colonels of the morning" DANIEL ROMANO "Into a rainbow" SKEGSS "Running from nothing" WHITE FANG "Drunk with my friends" LA PHAZE "One way" feat. Blackout JA (Speaker Louis Remix) COBRAH "Dip n drip" PRINCE "Welcome 2 America" PAUL McCARTNEY + BECK "Find my ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 03/04/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 651 vues
Playlist du 3 Avril 2021 POND "Pink lunettes" WORKING MEN'S CLUB "X" CRIMI "Conca d'oro" PIERS FACCINI "Firefly" DANIEL ROMANO "Keepers of the polished world" COURTNEY BARNETT feat. VAGABON "Don't do it" NIGHT BEATS "That's all you got (live at Paste Studio) NICK WATERHOUSE "Place names" THEO LAWRENCE "I'll never get over you" ALICE PHOEBE LOU "Heavy / Light as air" HIATUS KAIYOTE "Get sun" (feat. Arthur Verocai) BECCA MANCARI ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 27/03/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 687 vues
Playlist du 27 Mars 2021 OPUS KINK "Wild Bill" BOOGIE BALAGAN "Ace of spades" FOMIES "Reversal" SNAPPED ANKLES "Rhythm is our business" DU BLONDE "Medicated" (feat. Shirley Manson) CIVIC "Velvet casino" DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 "Free animal" GOJIRA "Amazonia" PEACHES "Pussy mask" AWORI & TWANI "Mindful" AESOP ROCK "Long legged Larry" GHOST OF VROOM "More bacon than the pan can handle" NATALIE BERGMAN "Home at last" THE NIGHT IS STILL ...
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