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  • Les dernières tentations de Zebra
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[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 21/11/2020 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 202 vues
Playlist du 21 novembre 2020 : KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD "Ontology" AL QASAR "Gnawi" SHAME "Water in the well" MUSH "Blunt instruments" THE WAR ON DRUGS "Red eyes" (live) DOPE BODY "Known unknown" CAT SFX "Reunite" BOTTICELLI BABY "Plant pot" ANDY COOPER "Deluxe" SAIGON SOUL REVIVAL "Nao Ta Cung Hat" (Patchworks Ashby Mix) LAETITTA SHERIFF "Go to Big Sur" ANDY SHAUF "You slipped away" PENNY SHEARS "Face the ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 14/11/2020 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 151 vues
Playlist du 14 novembre 2020 : MOURN "It's a frogs world" SPECTRES "Tanning the albatross" LAETITIA SHERIFF "Sign of shirking" BANDIT BANDIT "Pixel" LUMIERE "La.belle.journa©e 1971" EELS "Are you fucking your ex" ACTION BRONSON "Latin Grammys" MALE KUTI "Free your mind" SLEAFORD MODS "Mork n' mindy" (feat. Billy Nomates) CRACK CLOUD "Tunnel visions" CHUBBY & THE GANG "All along the Uxbridge Road" BROKEN BRIDGE "Behaviour" THE ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 07/11/2020 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 201 vues
Playlist du 7 novembre 2020 AL-QASAR a€œRock Lehdooda€ CYRIL CYRIL a€œPetit destina€ SERPENT "Distant call" FRANKIE & THE WITCH FINGERS a€œCaveheada€ SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS a€œRescue mea€ THE ALLERGIES feat. Dr Syntax & Skunkadelic "I'm on it" POTATOHEAD PEOPLE & DE LA SOUL feat. Posdnuos & Kapok a€œBaby got worka€ LIGHTNING ORCHESTRA a€œFor those who are yet to be borna€ (Doctor Petier's finger ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 31/10/2020 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 241 vues
playlist de la€™a©mission du 31 Octobre : BOCO "Bring it on home" THE KILLS "I put a spell on you" VIAGRA BOYS "Ain't nice" TV PRIEST "Decoration" SHAME "BiL" (Live) KORTO "No shits" ADULKT LIFE "Taking hits" CABBAGE "Medicine" BANDIT BANDIT "Nyctalope" SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS "Take me with U" KING KHAN "Theme of Yahya" DE LA SOUL feat. Styles P, Talib Kweli, Pharoah Monch, Mysonne, Chuck D & Postdnuos "Remove 45" OPINION ...
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