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[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 12/06/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 195 vues
Playlist du 12 Juin 2021 SMOKEY JOE & THE KID "Mama gave ya" ZEBRA et BAGAD KARAEZ "Space Breizh" BOOTLEGGERS UNITED "Brassens in Jazz" JOEL CULPEPPER "Return" PONTA PRETA "Circus smile" KING GIZZARD and THE LIZZARD WIZARD "Catching smoke" NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS "Black star dancing" (Skeleton Key remix) THE FLYING WHITE DOTS "The bride of Dr Funkenstein" (bootleg) A CERTAIN RATIO "Emperor Macine" NUBIYAN TWIST (feat ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 05/06/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 214 vues
Playlist du 5 Juin 2021 LIMINANAS GARNIER "Que calor" BLOOD WINE OR HONEY feat. KT TUNSTALL "Attraction" MUSEUM OF LOVE "Marching orders" THE LOUNGE SOCIETY "Cain's heresy" BLOOD RED SHOES "A little love" NIGHT SHOP "Forever night" NIGHT BEATS "Thorns" ORCHESTRE TOUT PUISSANT MARCHEL DUCHAMP "So many things (to feel guilty about)" TEEZO TOUCHDOWN "Social cues" NAYANA IZ "Breaking point" MISTY MILLER "Hard times" ARTHUR SATAN ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 29/05/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 674 vues
Playlist du 29 Mai 2021 CURTIS HARDING "Hopeful" JOEL CULPEPPER "W.A.R." SHIRE T "Blue kiss" SNAPPED ANKLES "The evidence" TY SEGALL "Alta" (Levitation Sessions) JOHN (TIMESTWO) "A song for those who speed in built-up areas" COSMIC SHUFFLING "Life goes on" U ROY and SANTIGOLD "Man next door" NOGA EREZ "Bark loud" SMINO "Plead the 45th" (feat. Saba) PEET "Delire" A CERTAIN RATIO "Keep it together" ALFIE TEMPLEMAN "Wait, i ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 22/05/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 291 vues
Playlist du 22 Mai 2021 JOHNNY MAFIA "Split tongue" BIRDS OF MAYA "BFIOU" JOHNNY MAFIA "Ushuaia" TY SEGALL "Manipulator" (Levitation sessions) CIVIC "Clone" THE BLACK KEYS "Poor boy a long way from home" Mr JUKES feat BARNEY ARTIST "Vibrate" PONTA PRETA "I wanna know" POND "America's cup" SHARON VAN ETTEN and ANGEL OLSEN "Like I used to" HORSEY feat KING KRULE "Seahorse" MAPLE GLIDER "Swimming" THE KILLS "Baby's eyes" SIR WAS ...
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