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[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 15/05/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 268 vues
Playlist du 15 Mai 2021 AL-QASAR "Awal" (Live in Barbes) MO'TI TEI "Distant Madness" SIR JAY and THE SKATANAUTS "Later than sooner" (with Johnny Valuti) LA PHAZE "Rebel" BILLY NOMATES "Emergency telephone" St VINCENT "Down" DIGITAL UNDERGROUND "No nose job" (Ultrafunk Edit) THE GO TEAM "Pow" ENGLISH TEACHER "RnB" FOMIES "Suffocating jaunt" ROY & THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE "Ain't got a worry" BUG DYLAN "No satisfaction" LE SUPERHOMARD ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 08/05/2021 à 20h00 by Mallis - 562 vues
Playlist du 8 Mai 2021 THE CORAL "Land of the lost" BOTTICELLI BABY "Crash test dummy" WINGS OF DESIRE "Better late than nevera" BRODKA and SCOTTIBRAINS "Wrong party" THE CHATS and GENESIS OWUSU "Psycho Killer" (Live at The Set) GURL "Friends" THE DEVILS "Ain't that lovin you babe" DIRTY DEEP "I'm broken (In your head)" CZARFACE x MF DOOM ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 01/05/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 539 vues
Playlist du 1er Mai 2021 DELGRES "Aleas" JUPITER et OKWESS "Mieux que ca" CHEMICAL BROTHERS "The darkness that you fear" NATTY WYLAH "Bruce" KOJAQUE "Town's dead" SQUID "Pamphlets" OSEES "The dream" CLAMM "Dog" NIGHT BEATS "Revolution" THE DEVILS "Don't call me anymore" THE CORAL "The game she plays" WENDY MARTINEZ "La chevauchee electrique" LIMINANAS GARNIER "Saul" Les dernieres tentations de Zebra, tous les samedis a 19H00 sur ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra - 24/04/2021 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 514 vues
Playlist du 24 Avril 2021 LITTLE SIMZ "Introvert" TONY ALLEN feat SAMPA THE GREAT "Stumbling down" PAUL McCARTNEY and KHRUANGBIN "Pretty boys" LALALAR "Ninja Partisi" THE MURLOCS "Francesca" JOHNNY MAFIA "Trevor Philippe" GHOST WOMAN "Demons" ROY AND THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE "Learn to lose" AXIS SOVA "(Don't wanna have that) Dream" MATT BERNINGER "Then you can tell me goodbye" JOEL CULPEPPER "Thought about you" BOOTSY COLLINS "Slide ...
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