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[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra, Rock Mix - 06/06/2020 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 314 vues
DJ ZEBRA ROCK MIX Playlist Samedi 6 Juin 2020 THE MYSTERINES "I win every time" THE WHA "Blue for you" THE LOUNGE SOCIETY "Generation game" HOTEL LUX "Tabloid newspeper" WHITE DENIM "I don"t understand rock and roll" SLEAFORD MODS "Second" ON VIDEO "Bte noire" VIGOR HUGO "Breakfast" BOOTLEGGERS UNITED "Carmen trap" (bootleg) CAPITAINE CANADA "Le donjon" DEERHOOF "Damaged eyes squinting into the beautiful overhot ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra, Rock Mix - 02/05/2020 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 398 vues
DJ ZEBRA ROCK MIX Playlist Samedi 2 Mai 2020 MC ROGER "Tu stoppes et tu galopes" ZEBRA "Plus rien ne m'arrte" (remix) BORN RUFFIANS "I fall in love every night" BASIC SHAPES "Credo" CABLE TIES "Not my story" PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS "Reducer" MAMAKILLA "Decelerate" BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARD "Hollywood actors" MEATRAFFLE "Oh Corona" RUN THE JEWELS "Yankee and the brave (ep.4)" LIFE "Switching on" POKEY LAFARGE "Fuck me ...
[ PODCAST ] Podcast, DJ Zebra, Rock Mix - 04/04/2020 à 20h00 by DJ Zebra - 825 vues
DJ ZEBRA ROCK MIX Playlist Samedi 4 Avril 2020 ZEBRA "Alleluia everybody" (remix) LITTLE BARRIE "You won't stop us" RIDE "Kill switch" TY SEGALL "Jump into the fire" RICHARD HAWLEY "Standing at the sky's edge" JACK WHITE "Love is blindness" LITTLE SIMZ feat. MICHAEL KIWANUKA "Flowers" THE BLACK LIPS "Holding me holding you" THE WOODENTOPS "Love train" THE B52's "52 girls" TROPICAL FUCK STORM "The future of history" KING GIZZARD & ...
[ ÉMISSION ] - 28/03/2020 à 18h25 by Gaston - 782 vues
Salut! Ici Gaston. Voilà maintenant 13 ans que l'émission La Contrebande est diffusée sur La Grosse Radio. Tous les samedis, entre 20h et 2h du mat, des auditeurs assidus (ou égarés) se connectent au flux rock pour partager avec moi cette expérience musicale. J'ai bien une petite idée de qui peut écouter cette programmation mais je dois me rendre à ...
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