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Sebastian Sturm - Echoes (English version)

Sebastian Sturm, new album

Sebastian Sturm, a singer who has the talent to carry you away with only a few notes, unveiled his new album on March 11th. With Echoes, he refers to friendship, love and the happy or unpleasant feelings that we can encounter. We have exchanged with Sebastian a few days ago to present you this new opus in which he delivers a part of his life.

It is now time to dissect a little more deep into these Echoes, and it is for us an honor to present this artist.

A cascade of events came to disturb the life of Sebastian Sturm and led him to focus on himself, his current projects and not to release a solo album for a while. A separation, a move, a life to rebuild, Sebastian spends his time writing his feelings on blank pages. Alone at the beginning, then came the click, new people to meet, old friends, a new life on the horizon that gave birth to the first compositions.

Among others, Martin Pauen, member of Jin Jin, of which Sebastian Sturm was a member before he went solo, and who was also involved in the first two projects of the singer. Martin Pauen is also the owner of the Rubin Studio where Echoes was recorded as well as Sturm's two previous albums. To be complete on the main contributors, we must also mention Flugs, former member of Odibaya who supported the singer here for the composition and the arrangement on several titles intervening also on the bass on " Hold The Powers " and " Dancing In The Rain ". A return to his roots that proved to be essential for Sebastian and that resonates like an echo in his career.


Sebastian Sturm
" Hold The Powers "

Equipped with vintage machines, the team produces a very old school sound that fits perfectly with the voice of Sebastian who, in addition, surrounded himself with Franck Dellé and Jahcoustix for the harmonies. I might as well tell you that it's a powerful track that will envelop you and captivate you as it should. This old school atmosphere and this return to the roots which is felt in practically the totality of the project, is transmitted rather well in the title " Hideaway ". This track is a cover that was originally sung by Creedence Clearwater Revival. For the little story, Sebastian wanted to make this classic travel in his universe because his dad loves it.


Sebastian Sturm
" (Wish I Could) Hideaway "

Echoes includes another cover with "The Man in Me", a track by Bob Dylan. Two small jewels reworked by Sturm but which work wonderfully with this reggae touch in particular thanks to the emotion that the singer transmits.

This rocksteady atmosphere also draws its strength through the talent of the musicians, we will note for this reason Dr Ring Ding and Cathi Groth on the horns who we can enjoy on "Rockstone" and "What Do You Do".


Sebastian Sturm
" Rockstone "

And as you listen to it, you quickly understand that this album will be part of your playlist for a while. It goes from the ska harmony, singing and dancing of " If We Were Lovers " and " Every Road ", to the Early Reggae, it smells motown and smells like Ken Boothe as in " Soulmates ", a song that talks about those people you feel like you've known forever and that in one moment, you have to forget all those past moments. The good moments that we would like to make last forever as Sebastian sings in " Shine On ", the opening track of Echoes and one of Sturm's favorites just like " Echoes ", the eponymous track of this opus in which he evokes in a very personal way his separation from the mother of his child and which closes this page.


Sebastian Sturm
" Soulmates "

Echoes is a deep, powerful and captivating album. A dive into the rocksteady/old-school musical universe that throws you back a few decades and the trip is more than good. We highly recommend you to go and search on its different pages, there is only good stuff !

Bravo Mr Sebastian Sturm and Thank you.

Parker Morain for the traduction, Merci énomément

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Sebastian Sturm

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Artwork Echoes - Sebastian Sturm

label : Rubin Rockers

01. Shine On
02. What Do You Do
03. Soulmates
04. Hold The Powers
05. (Wish I could) Hideaway
06. The Man In Me
07. Dancing In the Rain
08. If We Were Lovers
09. Catch Me
10. Echoes
11. Rockstone
12. Every Road
13. Don´t Burn Bridges
14. Where Have You Gone

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