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Outerview Suga Roy and The Fireball Crew - Conrad Crystal & Zareb

Outerview Farmer Man - Lots of Signs Riddim

On Friday, we unveiled " Farmer Man ", the new single initiated by the riddim project by Suga Roy and The Fireball Crew - Conrad Crystal & Zareb.
The Jamaican trio via Fireball Records (Suga's label) also released earlier this year the Lots of Signs Riddim, a project that brings together artists such as Gyptian, Pressure Busspipe, Glen Washington, Fantan Mojah and many more. So we asked some questions to the lead vocalist of this Jamaican trio. Together we exchange on the relationship between Jamaicans, Rastafarianism and the land, reggae and these different projects.
Have a good reading.

LGR : Greetings Suga. Nice to correspond with you. Thank you for taking part in the project set up by La Grosse Radio with " Farmer Man ". We chat today to find out more about this single, its message and also about your latest project recently released - Lots of Signs Riddim

Suga Roy :
Blessed love, this is Leroy Moore, a.k.a. Suga Roy, the leader of the group Suga Roy and the Fireball Crew, which is a Reggae group from Jamaica. Check out this interview, bless.

LGR : Let's start with " Farmer Man ". Can you explain to us why you decided to write your lyrics about the job of the farmers, those who work the land.

Suga Roy :
The message of a " Farmer Man ", which is the song I put on this reggae riddim. As a rastaman, I always try to encourage people to try to farm because farming is the right thing for people. Food from a farmer will be better, you know they don’t use some kind of a certain fertilizer in the soil. Some fertilizers that are used on the food will kill you faster than how you should live, and shorten your time. So when you farm your food, it’s the right thing for you. As a Rastaman, I believe in farming. That’s why I got this inspiration from this instrumental riddim, to tell people what is the right thing. The right thing is to farm your own food. The Rastaman way, is a positive message. I love this song. Natural food is the best, cure your body.

" Farmer Man " is available on all digital platforms

Suga Roy and The Fireball Crew
Conrad Crystal & Zareb
Official Staff

" Farmer Man "

LGR : Can you please explain the special relationship between Jamaica, Rastafari and the earth?

Suga Roy : Jamaica and the Rastafari culture has to do with the Earth. I do believe that Jah put upon the Earth for our purpose, and Rastafari always gives to people good and positive teachings to let people know that you have to love the Earth, take care of it, because you have to eat from the Earth. The Earth is the one who provides the food. In Jamaica, I believe the country is a blessed place. It brought and gave Reggae music, which is a powerful music, worldwide. It is made to lift people’s spirits when they are feeling down through a positive message. We, as an artist, as a rastaman, put these messages into music. I believe Jamaica is a great country, and the Jamaican to be great people : even the athletes, like the runner Usain Bolt, or Shelly-Ann (Frayser Price), Asafa Powell, and many more. So, Jamaica is a blessed place, and I really love it.

Flyer web Farmer Man - Suga Roy and The Fireball Crew & Official Staff

LGR : Let's talk about the Lots of Signs Riddim please. Can you please tell us more about it ?

Suga Roy :
This compilation Lots of Signs Riddim EP is out now. It is my new project, and you have Glen Washington on it, Gyptian, Pressure, Fantan Mojah with Zareb, me Suga Roy with “ Boo Ba Boom ” with Conrad Crystal, and Conrad Crystal and I have another song with that same riddim. Then you have Maestro Don, who is a new artist from Jamaica, and finally there is Bascom X on the riddim. So this riddim, is getting verbal right now : you have a lot of rotation in Jamaica, and Irie FM, which is the largest radio station in the country has shown a lot of support. I give thanks for that. I want everyone out there to check out this EP Lots of Signs, it’s out there and available on all of the leading download sites, and it’s produced by me Leroy Moore, a.k.a. Suga Roy on my label Fireball Records. So check it out for me.

Lots of Signs Riddim - available on all of download sites

Artwork Lots of Signs Riddim - Suga Roy and The Fireball Crew

LGR : There are well known artists. We can also hear Maestro Don and Bascom X. Can you please tell us about these two artists who are a little less known in France ?

Suga Roy :
Bascom X is an artist who has been around for a long time, in the industry. I don’t know how you’ve never heard of that name before, how that name has never come across to France. He’s a good artist, and that’s why I put him on the riddim. When I went to the studio to advise Gyptian, Maestro Don was there as well. The two of them are friends with Gyptian, they bar with him, and so I let him be on the riddim. I always like to give new artists a chance. Many artists in Jamaica need to be given a chance, otherwise people won’t be able to know about them.

Lots of Signs Riddim EP

LGR : Will there be other tracks on this riddim or other clips to come ?

Suga Roy :
No, definitely not. You’re not going to see any nes tracks on this riddim - only what you see on this EP. I know you will see a new video. I cannot tell which artist’s video will be released, however. The fans can lookout for the favorite artist’s video, in the meantime. So far, only one video is out, and that is “ Boo Ba Boom ” with Suga Roy & The Fireball Crew, Conrad Crystal & Zareb.

LGR : Perfect. We will finish this interview with " Boo Ba Boom ". A big thank you Suga for taking time for us and for your participation in our project with Farmer Man. Respect - One Love. Blessings Suga Roy, Conrad Crystal & Zareb.

Suga Roy :
This track “ Boo Ba Boom ”, is out now and available on all download platforms. This track is from my upcoming album, a 14 track album, coming soon. The video is also out now on YouTube. It's slang with a new style, positive lyrics - which is usual from Suga Roy & The Fireball Crew.

Support, and respect, one love.


Lots of Signs Riddim available on all digitals platforms

Suga Roy and The Fireball Crew
Conrad Crystal & Zareb

" Boo Ba Boom "

Artwork Boo Ba Boom - Suga Roy and The Fireball Crew

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