Joni, chanteur de Kivimetsän Druidi

Kivimetsän Druidi vient juste de sortir son dernier (et premier) album nommé Shadowheart et à ce sujet, votre serviteur s'est dévoué pour interviewer le groupe, Joni, parolier et growleur du groupe a appelé à 22h le 30 Octobre.

What made you choose a female singer which is very rare in such a kind of band?


It was clear right from the start, it was decided long ago, even before we started, we knew we needed to have a female singer, we just wanted a kind of contrast in the music.


Some tracks are pretty violent, don't you think the blast-beat, which sounds like death metal, will push people away?


I'm not sure, we wanted to keep the hard side of the music, making it heavier, more brutal. We want to do heavy metal, not a kind of pop and most of all, we're making music for ourselves.


Tyrant has a bit of a Korpiklaani feeling, do you think that your way to sing both in english and in finnish would associate you too much with them?


It's really not the closest band we can be associated to, we're very very different from them and we sing traditionnal finnish themes


What is your main influence?


Moonsorrow is out main influence. As for the lyrics, it's our own imagination, because it's fictionnal pieces of medieval finland. As for the music, I (Joni) am into Thrash metal but it's very various. Some people say that the music is rather unique. As for Moonsorrow, I think there are as many influences as people who listens to the music


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