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With “Star”, Davanna is one of the revelations of this year. She's got the vibe, a sublime and smooth voice, a groove that makes you want to move. This natural talent, innate, was just made for her! Because beyond being full of talent, Davanna has been impregnated by this artistic universe since her childhood. We just cannot keep this for ourselves on the webzine, she got us not only curious, but interested and especially passionate. So we thought we'd ask her a few questions to give us the opportunity to learn a little more about her, her musical career, about this track called “STAR” and her future plans.

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Hello Davanna. Nice to ask you some questions and to get to know you a bit more. We discovered your beautiful voice with a new single titled "STAR", that you recently presented on a project in collaboration between La Grosse Radio Reggae and Official Staff. We want to thank you for this song, your genuine vibe and kindness because we thought the project needed a female voice. What we were searching for has been fulfilled with this song. With all gratitude, Let's chat to discover you a bit more and talk about your newly released single "STAR" and your projects.

LGR : Can you please introduce yourself in a few words?

DAVANNA: Greetings to all, I AM a child of the MOST HIGH, I AM Light, I AM Unique, I AM Davanna Sweet!

It has been brought to our attention that you are the daughter of one member of the legendary band  The Meditations. Can you please tell us a little more about you and your father?

I grew up knowing my father as being one of the members of  The Meditations with Ansel and Winston. Their impact and contribution to reggae music was and still is EPIC! I was always amazed by the way their voices blended in tunes like “No Peace”, “A Woman Is Like a Shadow”, and many others. Listening to their songs always intrigued me. I mean…. Truthfully, as a daughter of one of the great Reggae Roots Trio, drew me to listen to music in a whole different light. I am truly Grateful.

Is this where your love for music came from? And how old were you when you realized you wanted to sing and become a “STAR ” ?

Deep down I’ve always felt unique in my own path (hahaha). The way how I see it, we are all stars in the eyes of the Creator. Our whole existence has it’s purpose, so we must look within ourselves and know our worth. I know where I AM coming from and I know where I want to go. My love for music came from listening not only to reggae but many different genres of music. At a young age I use to listen a lot of RNB, Hip Hop, Pop, etc. Some of my current favorites right now are: Etana, H.E.R., Dua Lipa, Damian Marley... The list can go on (hahaha)!

 We learned that while you were living in Gambia, you worked alongside a few local artists and the famous MCA Group - The Boys (Suns of Light) as well. Do you think that your inspiration and direction for music came to you then?

Oh Wow!! Those Brothers are good friends to me. I love singing and collaborating with other artists. As they would say “Sometimes two heads are better than one.” Yuh nuh! Working with other artists at times brings forth new inspiration from all different angles. So therefore, having the opportunity to have shared vibes with the talented “Suns of Light” was some what natural to me. I was living in The Gambia, West of Africa, at the time, and it was a fortunate moment for me. So, when being presented with a project to collaborate with local Gambian artists, of course I was up for the challenge!! I loved every minute of it. So grateful and in bliss for that opportunity.

You were introduced to us by our friend Omar Perry who is featured on this track. We are very happy to have you on our project. What is the story in this song?

Well, Omar Perry is a big brother to me. We’ve done a lot of journeys together, from Jamaica, to England, even in The Gambia! "Rhythm Runs Deep" is my first EP that I released in the U.S. I sent him the original track and straight away he told me we were going to work together on this tune. Omar added the song on his Journey album in 2011. Having Perry featured on the song was a dream for me. It's a big hit, a vibrant track that gets a positive feedback.

“STAR” is the second song to be featured in our likeness and we want to bring forth the same upfull message. A lot has happened in the past two years, So the story behind “STAR”is that during and after this global change, we should continue to believe in ourselves and overstand that a Higher and Heavenly Supreme is constantly at work. We should continue to stay firm throughout the negativity that’s going around, and to remain positive. We must acknowledge that no matter how this world is changing, Yahweh has made us stronger and is carrying us through our existence. We must remain firm, spiritually, mentally & encouraged for our families and loved ones.

Do you have any other songs that was released before and are there any other projects you are working on?

Oh yes, the second single I released, is called “More Than Conquerers” produced back in 2010, by an amazing French group Reggae Livication. The future is looking bright, at the moment. I AM working on a few projects and I've recently done some Collaborations. I AM excited for their release (hahaha)!

What can we expect from Davanna Sweet in the future and what are your goals?

My goals are always the prospective, especially within 2022. Updates will definitely be announced on all social media platforms!!! The stars align. I AM growing, I AM learning, and sharing what I AM learning from my heart through my songs. My main goal is to spread good vibrations, and with every song there is a message. Yahweh bless me so far. I am pleased.

What message would you like to leave to the readers?

Always give thanks for the goodness, mercy, grace and for life. Cherish the moments with close ones, be kind and always show love no matter what obstacle you face. BIG shout outs to all those who continually support and believe in me. I AM humbly thankful to the Official Staff  for this opportunity and for ALL who made this possible for me. (you know who you are : * Nuff Love.)

As a matter of fact, how is it over there in France? I heard that France love reggae music to the MAX! Yes, it would be a pleasing vibe to perform in France. Indeed, Positive Vibrations go out to all true reggae fans worldwide… BRAAP BRAAP!! My current song floating in the air waves right now is tiled… "NICE IT UP" found on major social and musical platforms alike, check it out, Give a thumbs up!

Thanks for having me, Blessed Love!


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