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La Grosse Radio interviews Skarra Mucci about her latest album - Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing is Skarra Mucci's new album. La Grosse Radio couldn't resist the opportunity to ask Skarra Mucci a few questions.

A great opportunity set up by X-Ray Production (Thank you)

Perfect Timing available on all platforms

Nice to meet you Skarra Mucci. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Let's talk about Perfect Timing, your album release on September 29.

First of all, why Perfect Timing ?

Sure no problem ! It’s a pleasure talking to you today « La Grosse Radio ». Perfect timing is the first idea that comes to my mind for the title of the album because it’s the moment for everyone to Unite and fight against the oppression and also the Perfect timing on my musical career to release this album… I can’t tell you more than listen the album and you will get it

Roots Rock Reggae feat Yaniss Odua

We met you in 2018 in Paris for the release of Skarra Mucci & The One Love Family. You told us you were on a mission to unite and share, to bring people together to celebrate/dance together. On Perfect Timing, we find and feel this trademark. In fact, it was clear from the release of the first single “Roots Rock Reggae” featuring Yaniss Odua. Your duet works like a charm, Yaniss has that communicative, festive vibe that you can have. On an instrumental hybrid of hip/hop and roots. Can you tell us about this track, please ?

Well, you know after what happen the last years after all this lockdown, the « togetherness concept » never been so deep and real in my opinion. Most of the people I work with even until today, it’s a connection… something that nobody can describe with words but so important for me and my musical journey

You might be the best artist on the planet, but without feeling something is missing. The feeling is always the most important energy and with Yaniss it’s a Family thing ! I know him more than 25 years, he is one of the First artist I met in France, (Big up Bruno) you know growing up in Jamaica in 70's / 80’s, you don’t know much about the artist outside of the island… So fi see a brother from the French caraibean doing reggae so well, it’s a blessing !!! With him is my second single and not the last one for sure. Big up Yaniss Odua everytime

Street Dance feat L’Entourloop


We also find you on “Street Dance” in feat with L'Entourloop on a riddim oscillating between dancehall and hip/hop. You'll be featured on Golden Nuggets in 2019 alongside L'Entourloop. It's also a family affair with this producer duo. Ditto, can you tell us about this track?

Yes I initiate this project with my manager and producer, I-nity from Undisputed Records and L’Entourloop liked the idea of a Ep together so we’ve been together in the studio recording some tracks and I keep that secret for you, more tracks are still unreleased from that session ahahahah !! It’s a family affaire we share stage all over Europe, the tour for the Golden Nuggets was amazing !

Whenever possible we still perform together like last summer at the Rototom Sunsplash

What A La La feat Johnny Osbourne & Manudigital

Johnny Osbourne takes part in the party on the classic “What A La La” on the Stalag Riddim (released in 1974 by Soul Syndicate) and replayed for the occasion by Manudigital. Remember that “What A La La” is a Johnny Osbourne classic released in 1990. Was it you who suggested that Johny Osbourne cover this track? How did the collaboration with Johnny Osbourne come about?

Well, this is my school. Growing up in Jamaica in the 80’s Johnny is Called The Godfather. So this is a childhood dream to feature with Johnny O.

This is not a cover, we just choose one of my favorite song of his catalog and we met for a big session and we made it completely new. It was an amazing  session, (give thanks for the moment) seeing him in the studio like he was 20 years old. It’s unforgettable

we finished the song with backing vocals with Johnny, my producer, Fatta from Soul Stereo and behind the mic… Like the real old school days

Dancehall feat Dub Akom

On the production side, you're no exception to the rule, surrounding yourself with Dub Akom on the groovy track 'Dancehall'. Can you tell us about the production of this album ?

You know, Dub Akom are my musicians and my family since 7 years now. So during the world tour, you have a lot of time on backstage and the bus so we talked about this idea of doing something groovy. It’s like a special delivery of my vision and I love this track to the maxxx

Who Fool Them feat Derrick Sound

We also find Evidence Music with Derrick Sound, a Swiss label (you worked in Switzerland for a long time at the start of your career) on “Who Fool Them”, with its UK Stepper influences.

Yes Switzerland is my peaceful place on earth, you know Lee Perry lived there for decades !? Zurich was one of my first connection with Europe, the Jamaican community is big over there. On summer season they do grill on parks, i love to be there around this season with my friends and thugs

Rappa Pam Pam

“Rappa Pam Pam” is just like you. Lively, danceable. Perfect for getting your audience moving and singing along in concert. Have you tried it live yet ?

Yes the stepper is there and I can’t ignore it but it was more a vibe between me and Derrick Sound. I didn’t do it because this style is popular now… Thank you brother ! I appreciate those words about “Rappa pam pam”. Off course I put it on the tracklist my tour, I played it on first Gig in Austria last week and we mash up the place with this tune

Mistry Babylon & Perfect Timing

We also hear you on more lovers rock and even roots tracks with “Mistry Babylon” and the eponymous “Perfect Timing”, which carries us along with its groovy bass line and piano notes. We're not used to hearing you on Roots tracks. With Skarra Mucci, we're more used to expecting you to shake things up. Does this change the way you work on your tracks?

Please my brother, have you heard my first album solo, Rise & Shine ??? It’s almost 90% Roots…  I always have reality and lovers song on every albums but i get known for my ragga flow but I also was singing gospel in the church when I was young so this singer side always been there but to be honnest here in Europe lovers rock is not huge like in Jamaica, Uk or Usa but this the Jamaican pop music. You can hear it a lot on the radio and specialy on Sundays back in a days

And please check my catalog there are  lots of vocal tracks for everyone to discover

Many Thanks Skarra

Thanks La Grosse Radio

You Tube - Skarra Mucci

Perfect Timing available on all platforms

Perfect Timing - Skarra Mucci

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