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Who will dare take up the challenge?

Hard Times For Dreamers, as Khalifa
So, on the webzine, we decided to continue dreaming in music, to escape thanks to it and to go on a trip on goods vibes at a time when travel and concerts are still forbidden.
Here's one way to escape from all this, by still keeping musical inspiration on the front row : We have selected 2 riddims, provided by Official Staff, available for download. If they inspire you, just feel free to voice them with your best original lyrics. Let your inspiration lead you to record you words over our music and we’ll see what happens...

Our idea behind all this is above all to share good moments, connect different actors of music and especially to have fun in music and meet new artists

Whether you are pro/amateur/young/old/white/grey/yellow and even blue/singer or selecta... Everyone is welcome!!!

Thanks to Official Staff for these two riddims.

So, ready for the challenge?

To return your songs - Two email addresses

We wait for your creations


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