Project Riddims – LGR / Official Staff (english version)

Second alert - New singles

Omar Perry, Mister Vince (The Articallers) and Jeff Ray, are the 3 first artists who got this new project started on the webzine. We’re just so honoured they decided to put their faith and strength in this musical adventure. Thanks guys.

Today, in this new section, we present to you two new vocal prints with original lyrics on the versions. Men called RV with "Femme Libre" and Fyah P with "Ensemble", a track whose lyrics perfectly fit with the state of mind of this project. Respect to the artists.

To put a face on what (and who) you ear, we’re moving forward on the idea of creating links, bridges between different actors of music. So, in order to associate image and music, we asked Mr Parker Morain from now on, to join us on directing artwork of each broadcasted track. Wanna see what it looks like ? Just click the Youtube links included below the chronicle. Thanks for the work brother.

Thanks to Julien Crespy and Franck Blanquin for allowing us to use their work on this project. Please go visit their respective pages by clicking on their names, you’ll find worth & nice pictures.


Thanks to all
Who will be next?

The first tracks to (re)discover here

The article containing the riddims right here


" Femme Libre "

Fyah P
" Ensemble "

Artwork Ensemble - Fyah P
© Photo by Franck Blanquin

Artwork Femme Libre - RV
© Photo by Julien Crespy

Artwork Love is All - Jeff Ray

Artwork Staff of Life - Omar Perry



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