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Fyah P with Wanna Be

It’s been now 2 months the riddim project has been launched on the La Grosse Radio webzine. The aim is to gather people like creators, artists, musicians, singers… and put all these actors of reggae music under the spotlights, focus on them cause it’s all about creation. According to the first results and positive feedback we had, we’re motivated to gather more people and make it a big party !
One one end, we believe we can achieve big things if we stand united and put our strength and energy in common; and on the other end, we’re convinced that if we get involved in helping one another, the combination of our abilities can help talents come out. Simple,  just needs a little commitment.

We know it requires time (your time) to compose, to be inspired and you may question yourself about what happens with your work you’ve done after it’s in our hands. Well, what moves us (we mean from deep inside) is the love of reggae, the message and human values it carries, notions of respect. What moves us has to be in the heart of the project.

Your work belongs to you, it’s your creation and we - as a media - are pleased to put it in the light so that it creates links between you all. By the way, we’ve asked other specialized medias to follow us to be a part of this adventure, working hand-in-hand with as many people as possible, in order to reach a bigger audience. When we take a look on what’s going on social networks, we’re glad (and rejoice) to see the way it spreads.

As you can hear on this link of the show Tout Est Bon Dans Le Pochon on Radio Pulse or on their Facebook publi which broadcasted " Love and Smile " of Mister Vince. Thanks a lot Julien and we must also thank Illia Selecta from Roots Report, Yvon from Root's Secours and Titom from RiddimKilla and Hit's Time on Principe Actif, in which Cyril, the guitarist of Official Staff answered some questions from Ragus and Marjo.

But unfortunately, because all good things come to an end, and because we also have to focus on the next step (we’ll tell you more about this shortly), we announce today that the deadline for you to send you tracks is set on May 15th, which still gives us one more month to make this project grow and increase the extension of the spider web to the max !

Today, this chronicle also gives you the opportunity to discover another single called " Wanna Be " by Fyah P, after his first one called " Ensemble ". He’s the first one to record on both proposed riddims, so we asked him a few questions just to know how he feels about this project as a reggae artist. Now you know everything !


Wanna hear how riddims sound ? This way please


Fyah P
" Wanna Be "


LGR : Hi Fyah P, This is Mamats, how ’s it going?

FYAH P : Well I’m fine, thank you

LGR : I wanted to get in touch with you and discuss about the riddims project concerning LGR/Official Staff.
Being an artist, I’d like to know how you feel about it and how did this collaboration happen ?
Ok, well, all I can say is that everything is tight. This project is serious and efficiently organized. Fast feedback: you record, then send over your tracks, Doc Bandol gets in touch with you and proposes mix down then you exchange ideas with him about how to improve sound, music, structure, tell him about changes you wish etc…And when we agree on everything, music gets copyright, Youtube publication, artwork, broadcasting. Clean work.

Everything is as clear as water. We know what’s going on from the very start of this project, we can interfere, give an opinion. Open minded people…That’s pretty cool.

LGR :How was the collaboration with Official Staff ? Especially with Doc Bandol, cause you had long conversations with him and he’s my binomial on this project. He’s the one who takes care of mix down and copyright procedure. 2 important steps.
Well, same thing : everything tight and clear. Things just happened naturally with Doc. Let’s take the example of my first song " ENSEMBLE ". I sent him my separate tracks, he sent me a bounce back, we talked and exchange aout it, decided to change some sounds, riffs, etc…He proposed backing vocals, I said « ok ». He sent me another bounce with backing vocals (recorded by his wife), and this version was finally the one I kept. Then I provided a couple of pictures of me, my lyrics, and a few days after, copyright was done and I had an artwork on my song, promotional tool « ready fi use »

What is truly appreciable is that there’s a real exchange, a real communication, not just Messenger or superficial texting, but some real deep and detailed conversations. Even Franck Blanquin and Parker are part of the process and are identified in the chronicle, tagged (no one is forgotten).

LGR : As we’re using the work he ’s done, first: I consider legitimate and respectful to ask him for authorization, and second: send him the final result and what we intend to do with it (identifying and tagging). I try my best to do so with every actor of the project, that has to be clean, clear and safe.
Yeah, that’s the very point of it all, and it makes a huge difference. Organized from A to Z, no risk, only fun, pleasure in a human aspect and a good state of mind.

LGR : Well, I would tell you that’s basically what this project is made of. Everything’s done to make it clear between each and everyone participating, at every stage and at every step. I often compare this project with a spider’s web. Being a media, we have the privilege to build bridges between actors of the set and make sure that all goes well. I’m convinced that if we put our skills, our energy (and strength) in common, great things can be achieved. If we help one another instead of reasoning in terms of competition, big things and unexpected events can happen. The more people will think this way, the greater will the party be. My commitment in this human respect value is really important to me. Starts from there.
Yeah , that’s what I feel, it’s not just like we got a musical version from don’t know where, and got 25 guys recording and say : ok now it’s all yours, we’re done. We’re far from that way to deal with music.

LGR : Ok then, cool. Everything’s on track, thanks for those words.
My pleasure. I notice you see things same way as I do. Before I got into this project, all I knew about Official Staff was their name, had seen a few videos, knew they were touring, knew they were riddim makers etc…But I had never searched deeper. But when I got involved in this project, I realized the guys were not joking, and that they were taking it real serious. It’s a real pleasure to work this way, unusual, so hopefully it will lead to something bigger. We’ll see…

LGR : Now let’s talk about your personal projects, looks like you’ve got plenty going on these days…
That’s what I do. Home working allows me to experience a whole bunch of riddims and to keep an eye on what’s being posted, I got my favorites…When I pick up one, if I’m inspired, things can go pretty fast. I also do a lot of visual artworks and I run my own business  Son&Graf.

Official Website


LGR : I’ve seen some of your works, looks pretty good. Congrats ! Anything you wanna add ?
Yes, I’m actually working a new project that will be released by the end of this year, or early 2022. I also have my band but as you know we’re going thru rough times, we just had 2 new musicians that joined us so we would need to rehearse…and that’s for now.

LGR : Thanks a lot Fyah P.

Artwork Wanna Be - Fyah P
Artwork by Parker Morain / Pics by Franck Blanquin

Fyah P

You Tube



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