Outerview Kunda – Slave Ship – Project riddim

Outerview Slave Ship

Revealed some time ago by reciting his poems on a composition of Official Staff as part of the riddim project, Kunda created a sensation with " Slave Ship " and its message filled with this dark imprint of history that many people went thru.

We wanted to learn a little more about this character with a singular universe. So we asked him a few questions so that the DubPoet could tell us about him, his message and his future.

A fascinating human connection that Omar Perry made possible and what makes us (and you as well) lucky today is that Official Staff has just announced in a teaser the release of the " Slave Ship "  official video on August 30th 2021.

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LGR : Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

Kunda : Greetings. Greetings in the name of the most powerful, My name is Kunda and I am a Dub Poet, Philosopher and Professor of History. I was born in Jamaica and lived in the United States in my youth. In the 70's, as a teenager, I went to welding school and got my Master Welder's license. As a young boy I always enjoyed watching Martial Arts movies, especially those with Bruce Lee. So I decided to start a Martial Arts school and learn the Art of Defense. Whenever possible, I devoted my time to reading history.

It has been 21 years since I returned to Jamaica and I realized that there were things missing from our lives. It seems to me that most people forget who they really are and it is my duty to remind them of some of the serious events that happened to us before, long ago.

LGR : How did you hear about this project ?

Kunda : I was introduced to this project by Omar Perry, talking with him one day, I gave him a little taste of my poetry. After that he told me about some friends of his who were releasing two riddims...He gave me the " Little Dub ", I then tapped into my inner strength and came out with " Slave Ship ".

After sending my vocal tracks to the team, I heard that they really liked it and that I was highly accepted...That's why I'm here. And I appreciate it.

LGR : This title is your first release. How do you feel about it ?

Kunda : Yes, it's a first and I feel really grateful because I never would have dreamed to this day to have this chance. Until now, my main interest was just writing my poetry, so this is another blessing for me.

It seems to me that most people forget who they really are
it is my duty
to remind them of some of the serious events
that happened to us before
long ago.

Vidéo Teaser
" Slave Ship "
Kunda feat. Omar Perry
& Official Staff

LGR : Your song " Slave Ship " carries a strong message. You talk about the slave trade. Why did you want to stamp " Slave Ship " with this stamp of history ?

Kunda : Because these are the subjects I study and my greatest desire is to bring that message to people. The most important thing is not to forget where we come from and especially where we are going. What I talk about in my poems is the inspiration of man, the one that comes from within. I want people to understand where my message comes from, its distant origin, and to understand the distance in order to realize the journey.
I know it was a sad moment in history, but we must not forget it.

LGR : Why is it so important for you to transmit this message through this work ?

Kunda : We all come from a distant land where we were great kings, great queens, doctors, scholars etc.…We must remember them and awaken the spirit of our ancestors

LGR : Some musicians felt a blues influence in the way you sing " Slave Ship ". Does this influence come from the music or were you inspired by someone to become a Dub poet ?

Kunda : For me it's a bit of both, I've always had music in my blood, but listening to people like Mutabaruka, LKJ...I felt that Dub poetry fit me more, so I channeled this inner inspiration in relation to the knowledge I gained through my studies, reading and research.

Kunda feat. Omar Perry
& Official Staff

" Slave Ship "


LGR : Who is your favorite artist and why ?

Kunda : I have a few but my favorite is Burning Spear, what I love most about him is the power of his message. He is a true awakener, I love the way he sings about the unity of people.

LGR : What is the most important message you want everyone to know ?

Kunda : My message to everyone in this world is to have a very good knowledge of yourself, to give respect to who is respectable, to live doing good and to share. Jah will never give Man a mission that he cannot accomplish.

LGR : Are there any other projects in the pipeline ? If so, can we know more ?

Kunda : Yes, there are other projects in the pipeline. I'm working on another project as we speak but that's all I can say for now. So : keep your antennas up for future information.

LGR : Thanks to you Kunda for being part of this project, we really appreciate your contribution !

Kunda : It's a great pleasure for me as well, a big thank you for this opportunity as well as for the whole team (blessing). I am very happy to be part of this adventure. One love.

Artwork Slave Ship - Kunda feat. Omar Perry & Official Staff
Artwork by Son&Graf

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